NFTs left: 50 (You still can buy!)


Randomly generated audio NFTs. ↓ Learn more
#2 // RAND0M-S0UNDS-a727479d944b-4575-a1d3-3e695d3986e2.mp3

WTF is this?

🎵Random Sounds🎵 is a limited NFT collection of 50 unique audio tracks that were created in a random music generator cgMusic that allows you to create music from random seed. The program was written by Maciej Biedrzycki.

Where can I buy them?

Go to Claim page to get any NFT that is not sold yet. All NFTs have fixed price - 120 MATIC.

Why only 50 NFTs?

cgMusic exports audio to MIDI so it takes some time to export it first, convert, upload to IPFS and the mint the NFT. The process is quite pain in the ass.

Why on Polygon?

It"s super cheap to deploy. While it costs ~$50-200 to deploy on mainnet on Polygon it costs less than a cent.

Is the contract open source?

Yup, here is the repo.